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You want to know whats going on in the hood? Well your in da right place. provides you with the latest updates of whats going on in the hood. Follow five families living in the hood of Cleveland. The first family is known as the "HO SPOT" prostitutes living in a house trying to make a living. The second family is known as the "Trap House", drug dealers trying to make it big in the hood, and then there is "Lil Haiti" a whole village of Hatians living under one roof. We then have what is known as the "TWEEKERZ". Meth heads living  in a shack with TV'S outside their door and tents in the backyard used for  "official business". Lastly there is the "S.A's" which focuses on a mexican grandma who water's the porch and her family cuts grass with machetes, they are our official mexicanos.